Volunteers in pruning


This exciting program is designed to improve the future of young trees

(Coeur d'Alene and Post Falls Only)

 The Volunteers In Pruning (V.I.P.) program will train local tree fans on the ins and outs of pruning recently planted trees for form and structure.  Pruning within one to three years after planting trees is the best time to head off future structural problems that can lead to major pruning, potential hazards, or tree failure as the trees become older.  A combination of park and street trees , chosen by participating community forestry programs will be targeted for pruning.    

A training session will include a classroom learning session where you will learn the basics on tree biology, tree pruning objectives, pruning cuts, pruning tools, safety, and much more. The second part of the session will be an outdoor hands on training. Here you will put to use new knowledge of structural pruning. After this session you will be ready to use your skills on the V.I.P. team and start improving the future of young trees in public places.

 Those individuals, 16 years of age or older, interested in the V.I.P. program are invited to attend a training session. Training sessions will take place in the fall since the ideal time to prune is late fall and winter, when trees are dormant. Please contact the Community Canopy representative in your area to pre-register for a training session. Training is free in exchange for putting in volunteer hours pruning public trees.

 V.I.P. group pruning sessions are scheduled for times when a group of volunteers is available. All pruning tools and personal protective equipment will be provided. Neighborhoods will be pre-notified of V.I.P. work in their area.   

Our communities will benefit greatly with your help, contributing to establish a safe and healthy  canopy cover.     


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