Current Award Winner - Kootenai Health

Fall 2017

Kootenai Health to Receive Landscape of Excellence Award Kootenai Health will be soon be presented with a Landscape of Excellence award.  The award is presented by Community Canopy in recognition of the outstanding use and preservation of trees. Kootenai Health is located on Ironwood Drive at Hwy 95 in Coeur d’Alene. Ironwood Drive was widened this year and originally it was thought that the impact would necessitate removal of a row of London planetrees along the north side of the street. Through a partnership effort between Kootenai Health, the Idaho Transportation Dept and the City of Coeur d’Alene, modifications were made to the site plans to limit impacts to tree roots in order to save these trees. This included Kootenai Health hiring Bartlett Tree Experts to expose and prune roots, the street contractor Cameron-Reilly being very cautious not to damage tree roots, relocating the sidewalk further away from the trees and repositioning a light pole that originally was to be replaced through the canopy of one of the trees, which would have required heavy pruning. This site is a wonderful example of successful tree preservation and Kootenai Health’s diligence to ensure the trees remain is applauded. The Landscape of Excellence award will be presented at the November City of Coeur d’Alene’s Parks and Recreation Commission meeting.  This program highlights businesses and organizations which are doing positive things with trees in the landscape.

Landscape of Excellence Award


Nominations Excepted

Nominations for “Landscape of Excellence” are being accepted by Community Canopy, an organization with the goal of sustainable community forests. The Landscape of Excellence award recognizes and encourages good tree care by highlighting those businesses or organizations in the local community who are doing things right.  Nominated businesses or organizations should have landscapes within the view of the public. They will be reviewed for their landscape care practices, especially in regard to trees.

To make a nomination for a Landscape of Excellence Award, please submit a nominations form (below) or contact one of the following communities or call them at: 

City of Coeur d’Alene – 208/769-2266 

City of Hayden – 208/209-0987 

City of Post Falls – 208/292-2315 

City of Spokane – 509/363-5495